SEASON 05 - 2021

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SEASON 05 - 2021

Raaba Media has successfully hosted the Talent Hunt International level Event Season 1 , 2, 3 , 4  which is currently, hosted by Raba Media Talent Hunt International level Event Season 5. We are pleased to announce that there are many more awards, privileges, opportunities, etc. offered in the last Four competitions in this competition. We continue our journey with the hope that Raaba Media's policy that every talent should be respected, the purpose is to make a huge difference in society. Advance Congratulations on receiving various awards and opportunities to live with dignity and prosperity in the community.


Raaba Media has launched TALENT HUNT ONLINE EVENT Season 5. two type of entries are available. first one is open entry, second one is Educational Institutions entry. It is to be held in 4 levels. Another pride is that this is the only show in the world that offers a variety of opportunities in a single competition. At other events, prizes and awards are given only once during the competition. But the TALENT HUNT INTERNATIONAL ONLINE EVENT is a little different in that you are not only given a one-time prize but also four chances to win a prize according to your ability. We would like to remind you that already in the Season 1,2,3,4 events, Four rounds of opportunities were given and various students became achievers by receiving titles, medals, shields and prizes. You can also participate in this competition for free.

Free participants can advance up to two rounds. Eventsz India is proud to announce that the event is set to become an unprecedented achievement in the world as it offers cash prizes, original silver medals, special titles, the opportunity to compete in talent competitions held abroad, world-class awards and a wide variety of opportunities.

How To Register and Send Video Files ?

All you have to do to take part in this event is take a video that shows off your skills on your cell phone or camera and take a minimum of 3 minutes to a maximum of 10 minutes in wide Angle. please upload google drive and send google drive link  to



91-96 00 11 27 14

We are pleased to announce that you too will be given a chance to win the competition at this global event, which will feature artists and students from a variety of disciplines from more than 07 countries around the world.

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standard Free Entry

The contestant who participates in this competition in free entry only the name of the best performer will be honored winner title and online participant certificate.

    Premium Entry

People who participates in this competition in the premium entry they have to pay a fee of 1000 Rupees ( Including GST )

( Certificate, Shield,  Medal , Common Title and postal Charges )

Winner Title will be provided winners and will get a chance to perform in Raaba Media's Mega events.


1. The competencies of the participants Winners will be awarded with unique scores for the effectiveness, concept and outcome of the competition and then the results will be announced.


2.There is Multi level and divison in the multi - talented competitions.The winners Will Be announced All Divisions separately .


3. The winners of the competition will be given awards and medals at the podium. Also chances to make music albums/video albums/ INTERNATIONAL level events entry offer / world Records Achiever / Records event entry offer will be offered.


4.  The decision of the panel of the judges/judge will be considered as the final result of the competition. Those who oppose or obstruct the judgement will be disqualified from the competition.


5.  I abide the rules and regulations and sign the agreement with my own consciousness.


6. I agree full HEATEDLY the result of the competition and I assure that for no reason the name of the Raaba Media will be spoiled.


7.    If any of my actions affects the   Media, I give assurance that I accept the legal action taken against me by the Media.

8.  Fees are charged from the Premium Entry competitors only for the purpose of the Shield , Medal , printed Certificates And company’s maintenance towards the competition.

9. Premium Entry fee is collected only for Administrative purposes. We are indeed very proud to Organize this event as it is done to recognize talents and not on any self-interested motive or notion


10.  No charge will be refundable by any reason.


11. I accept/agree the terms and conditions govern uploading of digital and digitized videos and photos of talent hunt show to the you tube ,ads,social media and other websites.


12. Shield , medal and certificate should be collect raaba media's felicitation function or raaba media's office .if you not able to collect directly , we will post THROUGH COURIER. APPLICANT only pay postal charges .

13.  Age categories


3 years to 6 years | 7 years to 11 years | 12 years to 17 years

18 years 45 years | 45 years above



14. all rights RESERVED.